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Why Your Marriage Should Never Be A 50/50 Partnership

It might sound like a great way to divide responsibilities as a married couple with or without kids, but marriage should never be that way.

Brooks Behavioral LLC’s family counseling offers joint therapy sessions for partners or married couples to address present concerns, provide a check-up during a transition phase or influx of stress, prevent an exacerbation of issues, or consolidate your connection. The more time a detrimental behavior has been established, the more difficult it is to break.

Through behavioral health care in Florida, we can assist you in taking an objective look at your relationship, facilitating dispute resolution, and improving overall pleasure. We will assist you in determining your treatment goals or emphasis, creating the structure, and building the required skills to communicate effectively with one another.

Our mental health counseling in Gainesville, Florida, aims to give a space for you and your partner to gain insight into present relationship dynamics and your role in them, express emotions more effectively, learn to speak your partner’s language, and enhance how you connect with each other.

Do you think you and your partner are in a 50/50 marriage? Find out using this quiz. How many of the following thoughts and/or behaviors do you display in your marriage?

  • Keeping score
  • Nick-picking
  • Criticizing
  • Complaining about how hard your life is
  • Thinking things aren’t fair in your marriage
  • Resentment towards your spouse
  • Thinking your spouse has it too easy
  • Keeping a mental record of offenses against your spouse
  • Thinking that you have to ‘fix’ or ‘reform’ him or her
  • Making judgments that your spouse is lazy or selfish
  • Feeling sorry for yourself

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