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The Power of One Person: Changing Millions of People with just one small action!

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What if I told you that the compliment that you pay your daughter in the morning as she goes to school will affect every single person on this planet? In other words, even if I engage in the smallest act of walking outside of my front door and taking a walk, I have literally changed the lives of millions of people. The question is not in how many people as all of us are connected and in relationship with one another. The better question to ask is am I having a positive impact or a negative impact on this planet?

Even if you don’t step foot outside of your house for years (Agoraphobia), you still impact millions of people every day in some way. It could start with you telling your 8 year old daughter that she is beautiful and you love the dress she wears. She smiles and beams on her way to school and tells her teacher how beautiful she looks in her purple cardigan. The teacher then calls her friend Gretchen who “Happens” to work at the White House on the Obama Administration. Gretchen is beaming from ear to ear as the teacher thanks Gretchen for listening to her vent on Saturday about the dogs getting loose in her neighborhood. Gretchen then gives president Obama a smile as he comes into discuss the latest policies and trends of the day. Getting the point? Yes you effect the people that range from “Behind the Scenes” to the “Big Wigs”, “Politicians” and “Entertainers” in the world! Knowing that you have the ability to influence everyone, will you choose to influence them in a positive or a negative way?

People will come into my office complaining of how they cannot change their partner or “Make Them” treat their children with respect or make them stop cheating, or how they cannot change the world. I respond “You cannot make them do anything; however, you can change how you respond to this person and it will set off a chain reaction to rock their world along with the trillions of people on this planet!”

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