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Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks, CEO, LMHC; is a wife and mother of a beautiful daughter and two wonderful bonus children. Amanda enjoys spending her spare time running in the great outdoors. Amanda has a passion for families and individuals that struggle with time spent together/ making happy connections with others.

Who We Are:

Brooks Behavioral is a Mental Health Counseling in Gainesville, Florida that helps people to achieve emotional well-being through relationship strengthening, work/life balance alignment, and refreshing the soul so that purpose and joy can be experienced in everyday life! We offer both faith and secular-based counseling. Brooks Behavioral offers telehealth, school-based counseling, and in-home counseling in the community to bring lasting healing to families/people that are looking for real help for today’s challenges!

Brooks Behavioral started its humble beginnings in 2019 and has grown to serve families and individuals in the areas of Alachua and Columbia County. We are honored to serve families/ people of all diverse cultures and backgrounds. Hope and healing can be found at Brooks Behavioral!

Why we do Counseling:


Our vision is to see families reunited, souls refreshed, and people re-aligned with joy and purpose!