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Debunking Five Myths About Marriage


Marriage is one of the most significant life choices. Like many major life decisions, it’s not always easy. Numerous myths about what constitutes a happy marriage and how to maintain it exist; however, these aren’t always the case.

Our Mental Health Counseling in Gainesville, Florida debunks some common marriage misconceptions:

  • Love is a mere feeling
    Love is often considered a feeling. They believe that if you don’t feel it, it’s not true love, and there’s no point in making your relationship last. But no. If you care about someone, you’ll do anything to ensure their happiness.
  • Compromising yourself
    It’s untrue that marriage compromise means giving up something you want for something else. Compromise means finding a solution that pleases both parties; it doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself.
  • Date nights are essential
    Although not necessary, date nights are important. Date nights can be costly and time-consuming; a good alternative is to find something cheaper (or free), like going out with nearby friends or family.
  • Couples’ compatibility improves
    Not at all. Unhappy couples grow less happy over time. Incompatibility can cause marital conflict. If an argument becomes abusive, it may be a wise decision to seek Counseling to deal with the situation.
  • Fate directs the path
    Long-term couples often show happiness in their union. They chose to maintain their relationship over time. As marriage conflicts arise, it’s not always easy or comfortable.

Due to numerous challenges, many couples believe they are doomed to failure, but seeking Family Counseling can help improve their relationships and address marital problems.

Joint therapy sessions are available for couples experiencing marital difficulties through Brooks Behavioral LLC, a Mental Health Provider.

Our Behavioral Health Care in Florida believes that a healthy couple relationship builds an overall healthy family relationship. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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