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Licensed Therapist in Gainesville

Finding the right professional LMHC in Gainesville, can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, on the positive side, it also indicates a strong commitment to emotional health maintenance. We are ready to provide personalized, individualized treatment for a variety of stressful conditions. This can be very important when experiencing difficult life situations.

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy outlook on life. We are dedicated and work to provide each patient with the best of care.

Common Diagnosis Meets Effective Treatments

Mental illness can also be responsible for many side effects in daily living. Often what is needed is treatment from a Gainesville LMHC. Our objective is always to assist the patient to be successful in whatever situation they may encounter. Let us know at 386-454-0660 and we will provide the information to get started today. We are specialized LMHCs that practice a new, patient-centered approach to Couples/Marriage Therapy, Family Conflict, and Addiction.

We have been helping patients for over 9 years and have been guiding and assisting patients to increase self-confidence and to make positive emotional progress. All treatments assist the patients to realize deeper satisfaction in their lives and personal relationships. We are trained to use a variety of approaches that are designed to assist with the spiritual, emotional, nutritional, and physical aspects of the individual. We have a practice in Gainesville, with treatment programs for individuals, groups, and organizations.